JIF 2019
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More than 750 financial advisers attended this year’s Joint Investment Forum across 10 locations to hear the latest views and investment ideas from our panel of fund managers.

Nick Clay and Rajesh Shant, managers of the Newton Investment Management Global Income fund, explained why it is important to have asymmetry in your risk/return profile. It helps you to avoid over-reaching during upswings and provides a buffer during challenging market conditions.

Dean Cheeseman and Nick Watson, co-managers of the Janus Henderson Investors Multi-Asset Core Income fund range, discussed the benefits of income during times of elevated market volatility. What’s more, they explained how natural income can mitigate sequencing risk.

Meanwhile, Triston Hanson, manager of the M&G Investments Global Target Return fund, outlined how his team takes advantage of the emotions and behavioural influences which affect investors every day. They focus on valuations and try to ignore market noise.

The future is, inescapably, going to be like the present for the next generation, according to Rupert Rucker, Schroders’ Head of Income Solutions. This means interest rates will remain low and clients will continue to face the challenge of generating the income they require. This is why Schroders has developed the Maximiser range, which aims to deliver a 7% income using an options overlay.

You can download the presentations from each group via the links under the speaker photos below.

Thank you for your continued support on another successful Joint Investment Forum. We look forward to seeing you in 2020.

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JIF 2019

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Nick Clay
Rajesh Shant
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Dean Cheeseman
Searching for Income
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Nick Watson, CFA
Searching for Income

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